The Magic Of Mpingo

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For the last six years Shun Mook Audio Inc. has introduced a new concept and a new approach to usage of material in the control of acoustic resonance in High Fidelity. There is no real magic about our products. They are all based on simple high school physics - "Sympathetic Resonance". As all elements in this universe will resonate when like pattern energy is generated from another material. Just as in a physics experiment when you excite a metal tuning fork of say the "A" frequency and hold it close to another static "A" tuning fork. The result is that the second tuning fork will also get excited because same frequency energy is transferred through the air to cause the vibration. Thus when the musical energy produced by any Hi Fi system will excite to different degree of all materials within the space covered by the acoustic spectrum. Different materials will have a positive or negative effect on each other influencing the final music production. The secret is to control and tame such resonance to the advantage of the system.

It is commonly known that many musical instruments uses Mpingo and other ebony wood to create the most natural musical tones and harmonics. Just like the clarinet, the violin and other wind and string instruments uses the ebony as the essential component to generate the sound. With many years of research and development we at Shun Mook have designed and brought forth several revolutionary devices in the technique of electronic audio enhancement.

A. Mpingo Disc
The Mpingo Disc is invented by the Shun Mook team. It is made from a combination of Gaboon and Mpingo Ebony, treated with a proprietary process that gives the disc a unique property to regulate the resonance of any sonic component and its transmission. Yet this is a very simple item to use. Just place one to three disc on top of your preamp, CD transport, DA converter, turntable etc, and listen for the wonderful change in your Hi fi system. When this disc is excited by any external acoustic energy, it will resonate throughout the entire audible spectrum, thus overriding unwanted harmonic distortions and at the same enriching the musical reproduction.
B. Mpingo Disc Room Acoustic Treatment Devices
B1. Spatial Control Kit: The Spatial Control Kit consists of nine Mpingo Discs, six of which are mounted (three each) on two L-shaped holders. First the two holders were placed on the floor next to the speakers. Then one disc each on top of each speaker and the remaining disc in the center on the rear wall. By fine adjustments of these components you can fine tune the width, depth and centering of the sound stage. The disc on top of each speaker can also tweak the tonal balance of the music.

B2. Spatial Control Quartet: This room acoustic treatment system consist of 32 Mpingo discs arranged on four maple wood stands. By placing the four stands in the listening room one can control the sound staging and tonal balance of the sound system. The width and depth could be adjusted with ease, any deficiencies in the physical condition of the listening room could be corrected. Any irregular shaped rooms could be corrected with a few adjustments to the stands and yet nothing is lost in the process.

B3. Spatial Control Sextet: This is the ultimate room acoustic control system consisting of a total of 44 Mpingo Disc with six maple wood stands. It literally brings the music hall into ones listening room as though the walls have disappeared. The realism is truly uncanny, it gives the illusion of bringing the listener back to the recording session, and you are there.

C. Ultra Diamond Resonators (U.S. Patent No. D364168)
This is a totally new approach to "Mechanical Grounding". The 4" diameter x 1.5" body is made with from black African ebony with a 1/4" steel shank and tipped with a 1/4 carat natural diamond. This patented design contains a large volume of ebony reservoir for filtering distortions while the natural diamond allows for the instantaneous escape of unwanted vibrations. The resonating properties of this ebony when excited by the electromechanical energy will enhance the musical quality of its audio reproduction. These matched sets are recommended for all Pre-amp and Power amps, especially the very heavy units weighing up to 200 lbs. Using these will instantly expand the sound staging and increased separation. Tonal balance of the music will be much richer and hence a major step of improvement.
D. Giant Diamond Resonators (U.S. Patent No. D364168)
With a 5" diameter x 2.25" high body which holds three times the volume of ebony reservoir then the Ultra Diamond Resonator, this is truly the ultimate enhancement device for your electronic. The 3/8" diameter steel shank carries a half-carat natural diamond point. Each time this is tested under any electromechanical equipment the improvement leaps several letter grades for the entire Hi Fi system and brings fidelity to new heights. At present due to the difficulty of obtaining large pieces of ebony this is only produced in very limited quantities.
E. Super Diamond Resonators (U.S. Patent No. D364168)
This 3" diameter x 1.5" body is a smaller version of the Ultra Diamond Resonator with a 1/10 carat natural diamond phono point mounted on a steel shank. This more economical version is mainly used under lightweight Preamps, DAC, CD Transports of 35 lbs. or less. The resonators are sold in matched sets of three and are individually tuned for its optimum performance.
F. LP Record Clamp
A legendary Shun Mook product now being made in a very, very limited number. This record clamp is made from extremely rare pieces of dried ebony briar. This extra heavy century old ebony root which were immersed in the swamps of Africa has a unique power that no other wood possesses. The vibration generated by the diamond stylus in the vinyl groove besides inducing an electroflux through the phono-cartridge also excites the ebony molecules, causing it to resonate. This in turn is feed back through the stylus and is reproduced as expanded sound staging, enhanced separation, sharpened focus and enriched tonal balance of the music. Due to the rareness of this timber, there is no doubt that it will become a collector item in the future.